Baumgarten: leader in technology for thermosetting and thermoplastics manufacturing, Bakelite, metacrylate PMMA, polycarbonate PC, phenolics PF, UP polyesters, MF melamines, mechanised polyethylene, assemblies, finishes, ABS, PP polypropylenes, PS polystyrenes, PA polyamides and POM polyacetals.


Baumgarte, leader in technology

Our extensive park of fully robotised machinery has a capacity ranging from 50 tonnes to 550 tonnes.

Our machines work in thermosetting ((Bakelite (PF), melamine (MF) and polyesters (UP)) and other thermoplastics (POM, PA, PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, PBT, etc).

We specialise in manufacturing bimaterial parts for the automotive and DIY sector.

We can also manufacture final products including assembly and finishes (chroming, painting, etc).
We also have a comprehensive workshop for the manufacturing and maintenance of moulds.

Product selection

Specialists in heat hard and thermoplastics injection.

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