Baumgarten: leader in technology for thermosetting and thermoplastics manufacturing, Bakelite, metacrylate PMMA, polycarbonate PC, phenolics PF, UP polyesters, MF melamines, mechanised polyethylene, assemblies, finishes, ABS, PP polypropylenes, PS polystyrenes, PA polyamides and POM polyacetals.

Own manufacturing

We have a wide range of products for the furniture sector.
We manufacture own products worldwide:

1) Kitchen and bathroom furniture legs.
2) Furniture protective edges.

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Kitchen and bathroom legs

cocina1 cocina2 cocina3

Protective edges

cantonera1 cantonera2 cantonera3

Product selection

Specialists in heat hard and thermoplastics injection.

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Producto 3 Producto 4

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