Baumgarten: leader in technology for thermosetting and thermoplastics manufacturing, Bakelite, metacrylate PMMA, polycarbonate PC, phenolics PF, UP polyesters, MF melamines, mechanised polyethylene, assemblies, finishes, ABS, PP polypropylenes, PS polystyrenes, PA polyamides and POM polyacetals.


About us

BAUMGARTEN has been manufacturing heat stable and thermoplastic injection parts in Spain since 1972.

This lengthy experience has enabled us to improve our service and extend our specialised product range.

We currently manufacture products in heat hard material (phenolic resin, melamines, polyesters, etc.) and in any plastic material.
We specialise in bi-injection and have an assembly and finished product section.

We also manufacture moulds.
BAUMGARTEN's technical expertise enables us to offer products for industrial sectors such as the automotive industry as well as electrics, bathroom fittings, furniture sectors, etc.

Product selection

Specialists in heat hard and thermoplastics injection.

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